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EssayJob is comprised of three friends and colleagues who have been working with both students and other freelance academic writers for almost two decades now. We've helped thousands of students with a wide variety of projects ranging from college admissions essays to doctoral dissertations.


Before we began working in this field, however, we had to jump through these academic hoops ourselves, and while we are all talented writers, that doesn't mean we never needed any help along the way.

Some of us have needed to use outside tutoring services; at others, some of us have sought help from academic writing services. Whether it was for a non-major class (such as Joanna, who majored in engineering and occasionally needed help with an English assignment) or whether we were having a hard time in our personal lives (such as Oliver, who lost his mother when he was just 20 years old, and needed help to complete his junior year of college), we have all needed a little extra help at times.

These experiences have helped us to understand our clients over the years. When Joanna first became an academic writer, very early in her career, she needed a way to earn a living as a telecommuter, and she used her own memories of seeking help from an academic writing company to benefit her own writing. Paul and Oliver, on the other hand, both worked for years in their respective fields (therapist and manager) before turning to academic writing as a career.

At this point, all three have been professionals in the academic writing industry long enough to identify some critical strengths and weaknesses. First and foremost, they all knew that essentially forcing students to complete multiple forms on multiple websites was not a good use of time. They also knew that asking students to reveal their personal information just to receive a quote on a project was an unfortunate beach of privacy, especially since our email addresses can be used to track back to social media and, in turn, a wealth of personal data.

And so, the three of us created EssayJob! This is the first and only service that allows students to remain anonymous while seeking help from a freelance writer or academic writing site. This is also the only service to allow students the choice between selecting writers/companies themselves or else soliciting help from many professionals at the same time. We allow students to seek help with or without a formal account, which means that for the first time, students can connect with academic writing professionals without ever even using an email address.

Total anonymity means saying goodbye to online writing scams, possible threats of extortion, endless spam, and even the occasional identity theft. Thanks to EssayJob, students can now seek help wthout fear. We make the entire process safe from start to finish. We just wish we would have had access to a service like EssayJob back in the day! ;-)


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