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FAQ - Questions and Answers

What is EssayJob?

EssayJob is a free and easy way for students, freelance writers, and academic writing services to find each other. Through our platform, students can create project requests and collaborate either publicly or privately with providers who are interested in completing their orders. EssayJob eliminates the need for students to reveal their email addresses or phone numbers just to receive estimates on their assignments. It also helps individual freelance writers and editors manage their orders without maintaining their own website.


Don't get blackmailed or extorted by a rogue "freelance writer" ever again!

Is EssayJob really free?

Absolutely! It is free and will remain free - forever.

Do I have to sign up for an account to post my academic project request?

No! You can post and control all of your projects whether or not you have a formal account. However, please keep in mind that without a formal account, you will only be able to manage your projects using the same web browser in which you created them. Regardless, it is completely possible to manage any and all project requests without creating an account with us.

Is the service anonymous?

Yes, EssayJob is completely anonymous! We don't require you to have a formal account and you can create any number of projects or accounts you want in a completely confidential fashion. As a project owner, you will be in total control of the information others can see; in addition, you can either hide or delete the project and all accompanying communication with one click, at any time.

How is EssayJob different from working with academic paper research services or freelance writers?

Communication Private messages, Email Email Private messages you manage and control
Project Management They control everything They control everything You control everything from A to Z
Privacy and Security You give up control of all your data You give up control of all your data You control everything from A to Z
Efficiency Medium Medium High
Scam Probablity High Very High Low

How can EssayJob help avoid becoming an "essay scam" victim?

Project owners can view partial IP addresses and hostnames of those who communicate with them via the internal message system to make sure they are located in the country they say they're from. IP verification is the only way of verifying country of origin (this information is blocked by the most popular web-based email clients like Gmail or Hotmail). If you need help with an IP address evaluation, click on the Report link and we'll help you out.

Don't get blackmailed, defrauded, or extorted ever again!

I've been contacted by a "Harvard-educated PhD writer" on a social media website. He's offered me a good deal on my research paper and I chat with him in private. Should I still be concerned?

Anyone can create a fake social media profile with false information and select any country they want. In fact, as far as "freelance academic writers" are concerned, more than 80% of them are non-English speakers from offshore countries (ref: When you communicate with such an "expert" via private messages on social media, you cannot see their true location information. On EssayJob, you can.

The following is an authentic chat on Twitter between a Student and a Writer who contacted the Student about an academic term paper assistance.

Writer: Hello Student. I can assist you with your college paper.

Student: Thank you for contacting me. Would you mind providing me with a quote on my paper?

Writer: Sure, give me the assignment details.

Student: Hm.. so you've graduated from Columbia Business School, studied at Harvard, and have been a part-time professor at Cambridge University?

Writer: Yes, read about it on my profile page.

Student: Right. Where do you live now?

Writer: In Australia. I moved there from London last year.

Student: I see. Ok, please check the assignment details on EssayJob. Here is my private link. If you're interested, please submit your quote.

Writer: Listen. Check my profile, I list my credentials there.

Student: Who has verified your credentials?

Writer: I got a degree at Harvard.

Student: That's great; I just want to protect myself and make sure you live in Australia.

Writer: If you don't believe my profile then I cannot help you.

Student: OK, take care.

Even if you don't plan on using our free service on a constant basis, we suggest you ask your chosen freelance writer to respond to your initial inquiry via EssayJob so that you could verify their real location. If they refuse, it means their profile and credentials are suspicious.

Legitimate freelance writers 💖 us. Fraudulent ones 😭 us.


Please note: in order for your project to appear on the "All Requests" page, it must not be HIDDEN / EXPIRED / OVERDUE and must either be set to: "OPEN DISCUSSION" or the "SHOW (EMAIL) ON PROJECT VIEW PAGES" checkbox must be set.

If I share a link to a PRIVATE project in public, will it be indexed by search engines?

No; both HIDDEN and PRIVATE projects will not be indexed by search engines. That includes situations where they have been referenced in public and picked up by search bots. We use a special 'meta tag' to prevent it.

What are Notifications and how do they work?

Notifications alert website visitors and project owners about newly posted public projects and comments posted in assignments they manage.

What are Starred projects?

You can star/unstar a project by clicking on the star icon. In addition, when you create your own request or post a comment in another project, a star will be automatically added for you.

How can I contact interested writers or academic writing services?

If you have the "OPEN DISCUSSION" box checked, people to whom you've sent a link to your project will be able to post comments and/or send you a link to pay for the work. You may reply to them directly, too. If and when you decide to stop communication, you can uncheck the box to make all published replies visible only to you.

Alternatively, you can make the project "PUBLIC" and wait for freelance writers and/or company representatives to contact you.

Do I have to communicate solely on your platform?

Once you have created a private link to your project, you can send it to anyone via your chosen means of communication (for example, email, text message, social media, blog post, etc.).

Can I make my project requests private or edit / delete them?

Yes! You can hide, edit, or delete project requests at any time, for any reason. In general, if you no longer want other people (or search engines) to access your projects, the smartest way to go is to make them hidden so that only you can view them.

What happens when a project expires?

An expired project will have its status changed to "HIDDEN," although at any time, the project owner can make it visible again.

How does "Project Cloning" works?

All projects can be cloned / duplicated with a single click of a mouse. Cloning may save time if you want to recreate similar requests; it may also be helpful if you want to seek anonymous comments on the same order from multiple writers or research service providers.

What is the "My Private Notes" area?

EssayJob has created a special area called "My Private Notes" in which project owners can enter private comments (that may include file attachments) about a given project. These notes are accessible only to project owners and never shared with anyone.

What is the "Contact Recommended Services" feature?

Students who create a project may get in touch with verified academic paper providers by clicking on the "Contact Recommended Services" button. It allows them to email established freelance writers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia about their request for a free quote. There is no obligation to order anything; they will be happy to review your assignment requirements and provide their comments for free!

Can I report a project if it violates the Terms?

EssayJob encourages users to report any projects that appear to violate our terms and conditions. To report a project, click on the "Report" link, enter the reason, and submit the form. We'll review it and take appropriate action, if necessary.